Hon. B.A. (Sociology/Psychology/Anthropology) - Wilfrid Laurier University 2008

J.D. (Social Justice Option) - University of Ottawa 2011

Member - The Law Society of British Columbia 2012 - Present

Collaborative Family Law Professional - Continuing Legal Education 2013

Shamanic Coach/Practitioner - Institute of Shamanic Medicine 2016

Kambo Practitioner - Kambohuasca Lodge 2017

Legal Advisor - Access Pro Bono Society - 2011 - Present

Family Lawyer - Kitsilano Family Law Group 2011-2014

Designated Paralegal - YLaw 2018 - Present


It is important to recognize the valuable informal education I have accumulated over the years locally, nationally and internationally. To the elders, shamans, holistic practitioners, teachers, story-tellers, and individuals who have shared their knowledge with me, I am grateful for your wisdom and I am humbled by your gifts. For your time, guidance, energy, and support that has allowed me to offer help to those in need, I thank you.




Originally from Waterloo, Ontario I relocated to Vancouver after completing law school in Ottawa. One look out at the mountains from Jericho Beach, and I knew I was home. 

After a few years of practicing family law in the city of Vancouver, I decided to also dedicate myself to endeavours that helped people in a more holistic way. My professional and personal shift toward holistic medicine, began long before I started practicing law. While I was pursuing higher education, I began delving into the way different cultures from around the world used counselling and healing techniques to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dis(eases). I started to see the common links between cultural practices and understandings, and naturally started developing more comprehensive tools help people on their journey through life.  

Working with individuals across all segments of society to help them reach their full potential. By combining various techniques from psychology and alternative medicine, my approach to healing has been much like my approach to life; multifaceted and continuously evolving.

I am still very active in my local community through the consulting I do with local and ethical start-up companies, namely Clough Designs. I am always open to any new opportunities that present themselves to me in terms of legal and business consulting, brand management, marketing, and website development. Beyond that, I give pro-bono (free) legal advice at the Gathering Place in downtown Vancouver through Access Pro-Bono. The advice I give centres around all family law issues, more specifically those dealing with children, including unique cases of international child abduction. 

Extending beyond these various mental pursuits, I do make an effort to include as many creative activities as I can into my life. After sustaining an injury at work, I dedicated my down time to creating art as a form of self-guided therapy. If you check out my Art pages, you can see the different mediums I have been playing with over the past years. I do sell my art pieces and offer custom commissioned pieces by request. For those who would benefit, I have integrated art therapy techniques into my holistic practice especially in cases of chronic pain.